How to add attachments to substitute accounts

This is a step-by-step guide on how to add attachments to substitute accounts, as well as how to set them to auto-populate to all jobs the substitute accepts or is assigned.

1. Navigate to Users > Browse Users, then select the substitute.

2. Click Settings > Attachments > Add Attachment.

3. Click Select File, then locate and select the file on your computer to upload. If desired, check Sync to Jobs to automatically attach the file to any future jobs the substitute accepts or is assigned. Click Save.

Note: If Sync to Jobs is selected, the uploaded file(s) will be attached to any future jobs assigned to the substitute and will then be visible by agency administrators, client administrators, the absent employee (if applicable), and the substitute. If you leave Sync to Jobs unselected, the attachment will only be visible to agency administrators on the substitute's account.

4. To edit or remove added attachments, click the three dots and then Edit or Delete.

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