How to post a multi-day job

This is a step-by-step guide on how to post a multi-day job.

1. Navigate to Jobs > Post Job. Select the Organization, type of Absence, Employee, and Job Classification then click Next.

2. Select Multi Day, then click directly on the displayed calendar to add Dates to the job. Choose the Schedule, Job Reason and Job Position. Click Next.

Note: To add dates with a different schedule, job reason, or position to the same job you can add an Itinerary. See the section on multi-day jobs with different schedules at the end of this article for more information.

3. Choose the Substitute Configuration then click Next.

4. Add any notes/attachments for substitutes or the agency then click Next.

5. Review and click Post Job.


In step 2 above, press + to add a new Itinerary.

You will now see Itinerary 2 selected as an option. You can add additional dates to the new itinerary (note the color difference on the calendar) and then add a separate schedule, job reason, job position, and/or site. Toggle between Itineraries by clicking Itinerary 1 or Itinerary 2, or add additional itineraries with +

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